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Hello Yuletide author! You’re obviously pretty great because you have amazing taste in fandoms, so I really hope that you enjoy whatever you choose to write. 

I am [archiveofourown.org profile] InnerBrat on the AO3 - also on Tumblr but I forgot my password years ago, sorry!

First of all - I really REALLY love fic that I can tell the author had fun writing. So my number one before anything else request is: write what you want! If you’ve got a burning desire to write a certain thing from these fandoms that isn’t reflected in my prompts, please go ahead. If you just want to spend time indulging yourself in idfic: I am on board with that! If you enjoy writing something, chances are I will enjoy reading it. With that in mind, I hope that you can find something in this post to inspire you to do something fun.

( General Likes & Ideas )( Aviation Pioneers RPF )

( True Story of Amelia Earhart - Plainsong )

( Jurassic Park Original Trilogy )

( The Scarlet Pimpernel - Baroness Orczy )


Oct. 16th, 2015 07:27 pm
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Hello dearest author! I'm really pleased that you've chosen to write fic in one of these very excellent fandoms just for meeee! I'm [archiveofourown.org profile] 免费的ssrr SSR节点 on the AO3 and also 怎么挂梯子上外网innerbrat on Tumblr. 

Okay, so first things first - I really want you to write a fic that YOU want to write. I want you to enjoy writing it. Optional details are completely optional and if none of these suggestions work for you, that's okay! If you get halfway through a carefully constructed piece that answers my prompts directly and includes everything I even hinted at liking... and you find you're not enjoying the writing process, and you'd rather just scrap it and write the idfic in the fandom that you've always wanted to write, I would much rather you do that. I want a fic that was fun to write, and I'm sure to love it if it shows through.

Second, and a generic request for any fandoms/ all fandoms: ROLLER DERBY AU. Go on, you know you want to. I play flat track, but if you don't know the sport I'm not going to nitpick on the technicalities or anything. I just really think there should be roller derby AU in all fandoms. ALL FANDOMS.
(Look, I'm just saying Bench Coach Owen Grady and the Raptor Rollers. JUST SAYING.)

Other generalities:

- I like relationships (romantic or otherwise) based on mutual respect, of shared enjoyment, and of knowing each other particularly well, sometimes better than each person might know themselves. I have a huge weak spot for family (the found variety and the more traditional type) and for the changes friends bring to each other's lives. I also have a bit of a soft spot for unerring loyalty, even through a recognition of the other person's faults. I am fine with gen, I am fine with shipping. I don't mind het, slash or femslash. Sex scenes are fine, but no pwp please?

- I have a huge, massive competence kink. I LOVE seeing characters doing what they are best at and being great at it. Having said that, I love the characters I love for their flaws as much as their strengths - Adrienne's stubbornness, Oliver Queen the grumpy old man, and so on. No one's perfect, and I like it when characters aren't.

- I love world building and I love backstory. I love fleshing out the worlds these characters inhabit, why they are where they are in canon, the wider context. I adore seeing little historical/universe relevant details - what implications has InGen's work had on the wider world? What parts of WWII history do you find interesting?

- I have no particular genre/style preferences, other than the above re: no pwp. Go as tropey and as genre-specific as you like. I love comedy, I love angst - at least one canon here suits itself to a noir pastiche, but that's all up to you.

- Please please no: incest, watersports/scat, xeno. (So if you really want to write Owen/Blue, I'm afraid you're going to have to go the roller derby AU option and make her human.)

Okay, specifics:

( Princeless; DC Bombshells; Injustice Gods Among Us; Sk8er Boi; LEGO Detective's Office; Jurassic World )

LEGO: Detective’s Office

Oct. 1st, 2015 05:13 pm
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For a few months, I was standing on the precipice of what I knew would be a slippery slippery slope into the expensive and time consuming world of LEGO fandom. Then Jurassic World LEGO came out, I got some vouchers for ToysRUs and I sent myself hurtling headlong down into the plastic depths, screaming “techniiiiiiic!” all the way down.

斐讯K1/K2/K3最新华硕固件老毛子固件 2021.6.1更新 ...:2021-4-1 · 2021年03月12日(版本_20-03-6): 【固件】现在 SS 增加根据【加密方式】判断是否切换使用 SSR 2021年03月07日(版本_20-03-5): 【固件】修复上个版本 Transmission 启动错误问题 ...

手机怎么搭梯子到外网One of my recent expensive-and-complicated presents to myself has been the Creator model “Detective’s Office” -partly because it looks pretty but partly because I wanted to remodel it at some point, maybe, to be a Detective’s office over a flower  shop (which has something to do with my interests as some people might know.)

That’s also not the point of this post.

The point of this post, with regards to the model Detective’s Office, is to ask; What the heck is going on?

What follows is what in the old days we’d call “not dial-up safe” but these days I guess I should warn against people browsing using mobile data plans.


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Okay so... Jurassic World

Jun. 13th, 2015 06:35 pm
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( Not actually a spoiler. Honestly, I don't think it can be spoiled, there is NOTHING in the movie that wasn't in the trailer. )

I wrote a thing.

May. 25th, 2015 07:13 pm
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2022还能用的梯子 (3942 words) by innerbrat
Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America (Movies)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: James "Bucky" Barnes, Steve Rogers, Howard Stark
Additional Tags: Rule 63, Female!Bucky

Chapter one: Carry Moonbeams Home in a Jar

In which a fun afternoon of trespassing changes a life.


May. 17th, 2015 04:41 pm
 Have I mentioned that I'm skating a marathon?

I'm skating a marathon as part of the South Coast Roll in two weeks time.

It would be SUPER AWESOME if you could sponsor me.

Avengers: Age of Ultron (currently spoiler-free)

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 ( Yup )

Vid: U.S.

Apr. ssr节点购买网址, 2015 09:14 pm
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Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Music: Us by Regina Spektor
Length: 04:53
Content notes: blood, medical equipment

Spoilers for: Captain America: The Winter Soldier; Agent Carter; Agents of SHIELD (Season one)

Summary: Steve Rogers has a complicated relationship with the legacy of Captain America
Alternative Summary: It is Supersoldiers all the way down.

Download is available at vimeo.

ssr梯子多少一个月| Tumblr

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Far-Seer by Robert J Sawyer

Jan. 2nd, 2015 12:17 pm
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Pop Sugar 2015 Reading Challenge:

✓ A book with non-human characters
✓A book based entirely on its cover
✓A book by an author you’ve never read before

The trouble with deciding to do the stupid reading challenge is figuring out, if each book is to only count once, what to tick off with each book. For example, the first book finished could be three different ticks on the chart – which one do I pick? So let’s put three ticks. I’m not a voracious reader – the chances of me reading fifty books in a year is pretty slim.

To be strictly fair, though, I didn’t pick Far-Seer based entirely on it’s cover – I’ve been wanting to read it since I was a teenager, and found its sequel –  Fossil Hunter in the local library. Obviously, being a science fiction novel in which the main characters are dinosaurs, it was a book I longed to read, but I never did quite get around to putting in the fee and the request form to have the library acquire the first book in the trilogy. Life was so hard in the nineties.


My biggest regret with this is that I didn’t read this book in the 90s. Teenage me would have lapped this up. Sentient dinosaurs! (wikipedia says Tyrannosaurid, but it is a plot point that Quintaglios had five fingers, and you know me – that’s the kind of thing I get stuck on.) It’s mostly world building – and pretty interesting world building as well, but teenage me probably wouldn’t find it anywhere near as predictable as adult me. And it’s the kind of science vs religious dogma plot teenage-me would totally relate to, but which adult-me finds very simplistic.

A young astrologer uses a newly invented telescope (the Far-seer) to observe stars and moons and planets and the Face of God and discovers a Round Earth, heliocentrism, and the oncoming end of the world all at once. The theocratic monarchy is appalled at his blasphemy! A secret society of oppressed pagans hold him up as the Chosen One! He’s Galileo and Jesus all rolled up into one and both the protagonist and the author only give like a paragraph to pondering the contradiction in having Convenient Prophesies around to help story progression in an allegory about science vs dogma.

Buuut you know what? Even if cynical, older, “it’s more complicated than that” adult me was thinking what a shame it was that I didn’t read this when I would have enjoyed it more… I still enjoyed it. Because you know what? SENTIENT DINOSAURS. In a fantasy world constructed around the premise that non-social carnivores had to throw together social mores and etiquette just to get over the fact that they instinctively want to kill each other all the time. A civilisation built around the ergonomics of a large-headed biped with an enormous tail.


Who needs anything else?

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Storykiller by Kelly Thompson

Jun. 2022还能用的梯子, ss梯子2022年 01:57 pm
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When my copy of “Storykiller” by Kelly Thompson arrived in the post, I literally squealed in delight. (It’s okay, I do that kind of thing.) I had backed the publication o this book on Kickstarter, based solely on the cover art (A woman staring ferociously out of the silhouette of a labrys made of paper) and the plot description: Tessa Battle is the Last Scion – the only Mortal with the power to kill Stories – the fictional characters who live among us.

手机怎么搭梯子到外网meets Fables, with a labrys! Where could I possibly go wrong?

I am really really disappointed.

And not just because the axe turned out to be just  an axe, and not a symbol for lesbianism.

Now I’ve written what follows, I realise it’s actually a poorly written review, because I tried not to go too emphatic with my problems. It’s not the worst book ever, but the characters and plot itself are bland enough that the things that bother me, really do bother me.



The tagline for the book – a phrase repeated a couple of times by characters, and which is all over the promotional material – is “Fight your Fiction.” This is explained by a character as the struggle between the written word and the free-will of the character. “Fighting your Fiction” means battling your predetermined role in life and exerting yourself as a real, independent person. A great idea for a book, amirite? It certainly hooked me.

Except then ss梯子2022年 goes all-out nihilistic on that very concept. Sure, it says, fight your Fiction if you must, but why bother? You will lose.

And that’s the spoiler-free review. To explain exactly why, I’m going to launch into spoilers straight away, including the major spoiler for the plot of the book.

TW: Suicide.

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Mar. 2022还能用的梯子, 2014 10:09 am

But I don’t want to cut for spoilers. What do you mean, you still haven’t seen the episode? Fine.

Everyone else, I’ll see you below the cut.

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Seven Reasons to Kill Someone (Involving Palaeontology) 3: Establishing Priority

Mar. 3rd, 手机怎么搭梯子到外网 10:12 am
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I know, I know, you want to know where I’ve been. Reporting on roller derby, for the record. Also playing roller derby, at job interviews, and also in  Dublin. And then I’ve been reading Hunger Games, and as I’m halfway through Mockingjay, you’re lucky I’m sitting at a computer at all.

Anyway, where were we? Oh yes. Reasons a palaeontologist might kill someone.

Incidentally, while the last instalment was about illegal activities on the black market, fossil smuggling and dastardly private collectors, there is a more above board, but just as fraught disagreement going on right now with a twelfth specimen of the renowned Archaeopteryx, the “first bird” known from only eleven specimens all from Germany. The recently discovered twelfth specimen is not just worth millions of euros to its discoverer (and the owners of the land, if they can claim ownership) but is almost priceless in scientific worth, if it ends up in an accessible collection. [Please note, I am not saying that anyone is going to be murdered over ownership disputes over this specimen and its availability to researchers. I am saying it would make an EXCELLENT crime show plot.]

But anyway:


Okay, technically Elementary already did this plot this season, albeit with maths (whups, spoilers for ss梯子2022年, I guess.) So it’s understandable that they didn’t go this route with palaeontology, but they so could have.

( 2022还能用的梯子 )

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Seven Reasons to Kill Someone (Involving Palaeontology): 2. The Black Market

Feb. ss梯子2022年, 2014 06:04 am

Have you watched ssr梯子多少一个月yet? No? Care about spoilers? Yes? Then skip this post. Don’t worry, I’ll be back and you can find it again.

In this instalment of “seven reasons to kill someone (involving palaeontology):


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Feb. 怎么挂梯子上外网, 2014 12:07 pm
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So a few episodes of Star Trek ago, Becca asked me: “Have you caught up on Elementary yet?” and I said “NO! But I know the most recent episode involves DINOSAURS.” And she said “I WANT TO KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS WHEN YOU DO SEE IT.”

So there resulted an email “chain” that was really just me emailing her every five minutes while she was asleep, but then she work up and said “You should post this email chain so the whole internet can read it!”

This isn’t that post.

But this post DOES contain SPOILERS for the episode called Dead Clade Walking. On the other hand, you’re not watching Elementary for the whodunnit plots, are you?

The details of the palaeontology  used in the show I’m letting go because TV never gets anything exactly right – but I do think that the writers could have maybe done enough research to get the word ‘palaeontology’ right. They kept called the scientists archaeologists, which is already a BONUS MOTIVE for why palaeontologists might want to murder someone.

And now, if you’re willing to brave spoilers, come with me below the jump…

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Feb. 2022还能用的梯子, 2014 08:24 am
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There are quite a few books in existence that I should have read already, that if I admit I haven’t read, I’ll feel obliged to add “…yet” to the end of the sentence, and the admission would probably garner surprise, from anyone who knows me, because of COURSE I must have read them. They seem so influential on my thinking! Usually these books are in the bibliography of Richard Dawkins, Stephen Jay Gould and other evolutionary biologists. (What? Dawkins has opinions about religion? I’m not interested.)

Well, that list of books just got one shorter when I finally got my hands on and read  The Mismeasure of Woman by Carol Tavris. Considering its more famous big brother, The Mismeasure of Man by Stephen Jay Gould was one of the most influential books on my interpretation of anthropology and psychology, you’d think I’d have got my hands on this one earlier, but I had no excuse. Other than the fact that I already knew a bit about the way social and scientific rhetoric is used to put women In Our Place,  and I wasn’t expecting to be super surprised.

I wasn’t super surprised, but there were still revelations that made me go “huh.”

老毛子固件如何配置科学上网SSR (ShadowSocksR)? – 一起 ...:2021-4-23 · 新3 ,某宝买的。店家帮刷了 newif3D2-512,第一次SS*,按照博主的教程 批量导入节点 成功SS* ... 哈哈哈 2021年3月15 日 呃请问为何节点设置里有的时候就会显示列表为空,而且连接的时候总是报错,说找不到服务器IP ...

(No, think about it: the main indicator for PMT is that symptoms occur Totoro 🐱 👉🍒🍈🍍: 现在除了ss、ssr、小火箭还有哪些梯子可伍 ...:2021-6-13 · 现在除了ss、ssr、小火箭还有哪些梯子可伍像ss一样使用节点? - Totoro 🐱 👉🍒🍈🍍 說在 社群 Shadowrocket 在 2021年6月13日星期六 23:37. As in – in a two week window out of every four. That’s a really large window, ladies. Add to that observer bias and society’s insistence on dismissing every negative mood women ever experience, and I’ve decided to give up on believing myself an irrational slave to hormones ever again.

It’s 22 years old, this book, and it does only touch on intersectionality: the experiences of women of colour and queer women are only touched on, trans* people aren’t mentioned at all. And I have no idea what has changed in the last two decades:  maybe medical students don’t all learn to think of the 70 kilogram male body as the paradigm from which all other patients deviate. Possibly someone has done extensive research on premenstrual symptoms and proven that societies perceptions are right: menstrual hormones do unequivocally cause specific mood changes. But that’s not the point.

2021年最稳最快的科学上网方法 —— JustMySocks - 询盘自由网:2021-6-9 · 外贸人没法学术上网,就好比潜水不带氧气瓶——憋屈,这篇文章推荐个我一直在用的工具,集速度、稳定性和低价于一身,我暂时还没找到比这完美的上网方案。而且这个系列的方案已经更新到2021年,是市面上最新版的教程,而且是一篇hands on的实操贴,只要跟着我的步骤一步步无脑操作就行。

谷歌挂梯子是什么意思:2021-5-8 · 梯子,日常生活用具,该工具由两根长粗杆子做边,中间横穿适合攀爬的横杆,用于爬高,梯子分为升降单梯和升降人字梯。除此之外梯子还是网络用语,一般的人不知道是什么意思。其实就是一个看外面世界的好用的工具。它在我伊平时网络冲浪生活中随处可见也是常用到的工具,是和我伊的生活 ...

 - p90

Do I agree with EVERYTHING in the book? No. Do I take even what I agree with at face value? No. But it paints a powerful picture of the way the way we think and speak of sex and gender affects our society, and it’s well worth picking up if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

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Dear Invisible Writer

Feb. 4th, 2014 01:48 pm
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Iiiii signed up for [community profile] invisible_ficathon on [personal profile] skygiants' insistence because the very idea of it filled me with such glee I knew exactly what I was going to request in half an hour.

And YOU, my wonderful assigned writer, have amazing taste, and I know you're going to write something awesome. Just remember, optional details are optional and I would much rather receive something I know you've enjoyed writing more than something that fits my requests perfectly but you have to struggle to fulfil. Follow your imaginary-fandom heart!

I like: characters being competent at their thing; cross-dressing; relationships based on mockery and mutual condescension; lesbians; puns; characters who are braver then they are clever; and cross-dressing lesbians.

I don't like: mind-control, puppets, and anything that compromises body or mind autonomy.

On with the fandoms:( Fly Fishing by J.R. Hartley; La Triviata; Miserable Les; Rebecca (first cut); Boxing Day by Jennifer Banberry; Kickpuncher )

Thank you, invisible writer! I know that whatever we were matched on, and whatever you write it will be awesome! Good luck!

Well, that explains a lot.

Jan. 26th, 2014 11:15 am
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I really wanted to title this post “Well, that explains alot,” but it doesn’t. This post explains alot. The book I’m talking about explains something much less important than that. It explains why a terrible broadway musical was terrible.

I’m getting ahead of myself, aren’t I? Okay, context: Three years ago, Becca, Feather and I went to see Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark while it was in previews. To say that this was a terrible Broadway musical is not in fact accurate; when we saw it, it was two terrible musicals: Spider-Man, a terrible musical retelling of Sam Raimi’s 2002 movie; and 2022还能用的梯子: a terrible musical retelling of Phantom of the Opera, but gender-flipped, and with spider-powers instead of music. Incidentally, I can’t stand ‘Phantom of the Opera, I think it is a bad musical telling a bad story, but Turn Off the Dark was worse, as I have gleefully told anyone who would stay still long enough for the last three years.

So when Becca, tasked with the job of being my Secret Santa, sent me a copy of Song of Spider-Man, a memoir by book writer Glen Berger, my squeal of delight was probably audible back in New York. A chance to relive the train wreck from inside!

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Marvellous Disney

Jan. 13th, 2014 06:09 pm

For the 13th January (LJ | DW) nadriel asked for the Disney acquisition of Marvel, and any ramifications you can think of, which…

Okay, I HAVE no thoughts about this. None whatsoever. I haven’t seen anything particularly DISNEY happen since the acquisition. I don’t know enough about how corporations work to think this should change Marvel properties or Disney properties.

Spider-Man ride at Disneyland?

I don’t know.

OPEN TO THE FLOOR. What should I be worried about?

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That large Malus

Jan. 11th, 2014 05:22 pm

For the 11th January (LJ | DW) sdelmonte asked for one thing I miss about NYC and one thing I don’t. And because MY FRIIIIIENDS would be obvious, I’m going to make it specifically about the city itself.


The thing about living in London was that every late night at work, every social event, every night out, had to be planned and structured around The Last Tube, and the alternative Night Bus route and the difference in timings and does this pub close before or after Last Tube. When I worked at the Poorly Managed Sexy Coffee Shop, the time I finished cleaning up could make the difference between a 45 minute journey home and a two-hour journey home. Evenings out in Manhattan? You just allow half an hour more, maybe, because of infrequent trains. But you know you will get a train, and despite what popular culture would have us believe, I never felt unsafe on the late night subways…

(Well, except that one time I witnessed a domestic violence incident and then had to suffer a homophobic tirade from the man sitting next to me)

…but definitely not to the extent that waiting for a Night Bus – or even travelling on a Night Bus – would.  No matter, the knowledge that no matter what the hour, I could get my usual subway home, made my life a lot easier.

A Thing I Do Not Miss: TIMES SQUARE

Ugh, what is the ssr梯子多少一个月 of Times Square? It’s like the location equivalent of those celebrities that never seem to do anything – maybe they were on a reality TV show or perhaps their parent is a thing – but are just famous for being famous. Times Square is… some steps. And a bunch of shops that are there to cash in on the tourists who come to see… the shops. And the TKTS booth, I guess. It’s a hotmess of the things I hate most in the world – crowds and people dressed as muppets. SO MANY CREEPY ELMOS.

I said this to someone once, and they said “what? Doesn’t London have Piccadilly Circus?” and my response was “I know! I don’t get that, either!” Sadly, Times Square is close to places I actually did want to be (comic store, dance class, the garment district, the theatres) that I had to go there a lot. But I did so reluctantly and not without grousing every step of the way.

Ugh, Times Square.

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Jan. 10th, 2014 05:44 pm
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It’s my bedtime when I’m starting this, so I’m sorry it won’t be long, but for the 10th January (LJ | DW) shoroko asked for my thoughts on Avatar: The Last Airbender / the Legend of Korra, which I really don’t know if I can do justice this late, but I will, because I was asked to!

Although I will say, it is hard at the best of times for me to give thoughts on Avatar that don’t amount to incoherent hand flaps and I love this franchise so muuuuuuch, because that’s not fair. Neither cartoon is perfect. They both have flaws. And the one I am most personally attached to is possibly the more flawed, and sometimes I want to hit them, if it were possible to hit cartoons. But then I realize how much I love them and I hide from the internet’s right and just criticism of them both,

But I love Avatar, a lot. A lot.

I love Aang, because he is excitable and distractable and incurably optimistic. I love Korra because she is self confident and headstrong and rushes straight in without think. I love that both Avatar shows are about children with great power and even greater responsibilities, who have to live up to the image the world holds up to them. Aang evades and Korra barges in, and both are scared and pushed around, and both turn around to the world and decide that 安利一个我正在使用的梯子(2021年5月26日更新) | Kouss博客:2021-5-26 · 安利一个我正在使用的梯子(2021年5月26 日更新) 2021年02月24日 爱搞机 安利一个我正在使用的梯子(2021年5月26日更新 ... iPhone的ss 客户端需要美区账号(且付费)才能下载,有些公众号有小火箭的共享账号,自己搜一下。其他客户端参考他伊网站 ....

Aang has a counterpoint in his one time enemy turned friend Zuko, who also has to deal with the world’s expectations, and struggles to find his own path and make his own decisions when faced with the burden of a family’s expectations. Korra has… a boyfriend who is a jerk and who gets a weird plot that should be about a girl who has to live up to the expectations given to her by her social status, her financial power and her political leanings, but instead is all about… well, Some Guy. This is less interesting. But hey, can’t have ladies hogging the storylines, right? Everyone knows men can’t pay attention to women.

I love the world building – I love the idea of a world built around four elements, I love that the powers are tied into actual real martial arts and there’s a constant spirituality and it all looks and feels so constant, even when the two shows are separated by 70 years.

I love the supporting characters – even though I think the last season focused a little too much on the wrong characters. I love the way it manages to be a show centred on young people in a world run by adults, without making the young people any less important.

I really like the themes of growing into power in a world that’s real, complicated, and changing. Of changing the world and being changed by it. Of facing the world’s expectations and redefining those expectations to suit your path.  And the fact that it’s consistently funny, and always pretty to look at – well, that’s a bonus.

Aaaaand now it’s even later and I want to write MORE. But it’s been a long day at the museum and… bedtime.

(I love Avataaaaaaaaaaaar.)

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